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Our Mission is to serve the Lord by providing free transportation to those in need 

We accept Jesus as our personal Savior and Savior of the world.  In gratitude, we provide services to those in need, free of charge, regardless of their race, color, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability and/or veteran status. At Pilots for Christ International we strive to help all those in need that our Lord Jesus sends to us.  We are ready to help, just let us know the circumstances, complete the paperwork for our records, and PCI will try to help. 

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email us: and complete the Request for Help form: Link: Request for Help form

Step 2: Complete the Liability Wavier and physician's evaluation form.

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Colorado Chapter
From University of Colorado Hospital to Cortez, Colorado
Laura, a resident of Cortez, Colorado was rushed to the University of Colorado Hospital for life saving medical treatment.  Once Laura was ambulatory and no longer in need of immediate medical attention, Laura was ready to go home. Given the pandemic, her medical team deemed it unsafe to travel commercially and her family did not have the means to provide transportation home. Since it is over a 7-hours drive one-way from Denver to Cortez, it would have been very unpleasant to drive.  Fortunately, she found Pilots for Christ, Colorado Chapter.  After a short 2-hour flight, Laura was home again. She was thankful for the ride and we were thankful to be able to serve. To God be the Glory.
From University of Colorado Hospital to Meeker, Colorado

Mike, a resident of Meeker, Colorado needed urgent medical care on the front range. Once he was released, Mike was eager to return home for the holidays but had no good way to get there. His family was unable to make such a long drive and his medical team deemed commercial travel unsafe due to potential for COVID exposure. Pilots for Christ, Colorado Chapter was pleased to be of service to our neighbors. An ‘auto pilot’ picked up Mike from his hospital room, drove him to a local airport where our pilots were standing by.  In a relatively short ~1-hour flight, Mike was reunited with family in time to recuperate at home ahead of the holidays. May the Lord be Praised.

From Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota to Montrose, Colorado 
Tamara lives in a small community near Montrose, Colorado but her health care team is in Rochester, Minnesota. Some might ask, why make this long voyage in a small plane, isn't a commercial airline faster?  Due to potential for sick passengers on a commercial airline, those with depleted immune systems, like Tamara, are at risk of contracting a life threatening illness.  In a small plane, the exposure to others is tightly controlled as we can assure there is no one else on-board with the sniffles or other infectious disease.  The 2 volunteer pilots participating from the Colorado Chapter wish to extent a sincere thank you to the pilots from the Minnesota chapter who met us half way, saving a great deal of flying time.
From Denver, Colorado to Winner, South Dakota

Neal found himself in Denver after a recent medical treatment but had no means to return to his home in South Dakota.  Safety is paramount and there are occasions where it is not safe to fly due to icy clouds, but the roads are clear.  This is where our volunteer AutoPilots come to the rescue.  One of our volunteer AutoPilots drove Neal home from Denver to Winner South Dakota.  We do our very best to find a way.
Denver, Colorado to Billings, Montana

There are times when more than one person is in need of transportation to and from the same place at the same time.  This is one of those times.  We were happy to be there and to be of service in the Lord's name, helping our neighbors in need return home.  
Denver, Colorado to Alamosa, Colorado

A very short flight after a long stay in the hospital is a welcome blessing compared to a long car drive through the Sangre de Cristo from Denver to Alamosa.  It is our pleasure to be able to serve our neighbors, in their time of need, in our Lord Jesus' name. 

Ready to assist in your time of need

Mike, a resident of Grand Forks, North Dakota was healing at the Life Care Center of Aurora. After many months in the Denver area, Mike’s desire to return home was understandable. With no local family in the surrounding states, limited financial means, and with no commercial transportation service available to his home town, Mike was short on options. Fortuitously Mike found Pilots for Christ, Colorado Chapter. Our chapter coordinated with other Pilots for Christ Chapters to coordinate Transportation from Denver to Grand Forks.

Volunteer Pilots On Call and on the Ready to Serve the Lord by providing for the Transportation Needs of all people

Our Volunteer pilots Auto pilots are pleased to be of services, donating their time, vehicles, and fuel to ensure those who find themselves in medical or financial need receive timely transportation when and where its needed.  It is an honor to be of service.  To Him be the glory.
Compassion and Service, Family to Family

James, a resident of Cortez, Colorado spent many weeks at the University of Colorado Hospital receiving life saving medical care.  Since it is over a 7-hours drive one-way from Denver to Cortez, it would have been too much to bear to drive home.  Fortunately, Pilots for Christ, Colorado Chapter was standing by.  James was reunited with his family who were grateful for the blessing of the relatively short flight.  We were pleased to be of service.
Colorado Chapter Leadership Contacts

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