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2022 Pilots for Christ Annual Convention


September 16-18, 2022



Check out contact info to reserve your room

Tony Vermillion and his Tennessee Chapter to Host the 2022 Convention
Come and join us in Gatlinburg, TN
Convention is at the Beautiful Park Vista Hotel in Gatlinburg, TN

For more exciting things to do in Gatlinburg, Please check here:
Let's do it for Our Lord and Savior!!
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We are constantly searching for available Christian Pilots who want to fly Mercy Flights and Compassion flights for Jesus Christ.  If this is something God has called you to do, then please contact us, to join, so that you can share the Gospel with everyone you help.
Members can log into each flight and see all the specific details. (You will need your ID and PW)

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Auto Pilots

Please check out our Auto Pilots page for members who are not pilots and desire to help on a mission driving their own car.  Many times there is a need right in your own community.  There is also a need getting passengers / patients to and from flights at local airports.

Click here for the Auto Pilots page

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If you are in need of a mercy flight or a compassion flight, please make your request here.

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Pilots For Christ International is a non-denominational organization of pilots and aviation enthusiasts, dedicated to the promotion of the Gospel through, mercy flights, compassion flights, provided by Christian Pilots, via aviation and necessary ground transportation.

If you are in need of a mercy flight, compassion flight via free air or ground transportation, then Pilots for Christ may be able to help, through our membership of Christian pilotsPlease see our Services Page for information on how to request a flight or ground transportation.
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This website is dedicated to Our Lord Jesus Christ and all mercy flights, compassion flights, depictions, and requests are to honor and glorify his calling of Christian Pilots, to serve him.  
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