AUTO PILOTS / How can you help?

Assist with Compassion Flights (provide transport from airports)
Assist with Hospice Flights (provide transport from airports)
Assist at airports with "Young Angel" Flights (sign up, safety)
Assist with sharing God's word at:
Air Shows
Pancake Breakfast
Visiting airports:
Passing out Bibles and Tracts
Assist Christian Pilots
Be an "Auto"(mobile) Pilot Today!
Why be an Auto Pilot?
Auto Pilots / Auto Angels is a service provided by individuals within Pilots for Christ International, who are willing to drive individuals, families, locally to get to appointments, treatments, Dr. visits and other necessary, urgent travel. Provide travel from airports assisting our pilot services.  These individuals use their own auto's and provide this service free of charge.  Through their Love for Jesus Christ, they have dedicated themselves to spreading the Gospel and helping others.  If you would like to be an Auto Pilot for Christ, please join today!
How can Auto Pilots help on the Aviation side of travel?
Pilots for Christ International is also in great need of individuals willing to drive individuals and families to and from an airport of origin or an airport of destination coinciding with missions flown by our member pilots.  Please consider joining today to provide this ever increasing need for service to Christ!  We handle all the phone calls, emails, scheduling, all you have to do is look at posted opportunities online, to see if a mission fits within your schedule, confirm, or if you are a member of a chapter, then discuss with your mission coordinator.
Auto Pilot Check List
Wallet and/or purse and cash (sometimes we forget the most obvious things)
Credit cards and/or traveler's checks (plus list of numbers of both)
List of telephone numbers for Pilots for Christ Officers, in case of trouble or an accident
Your insurance information
ID or driver's license
Car and house keys (plus duplicate sets kept in different bags)
Eye glasses and/or contact lenses (plus lens cleaner)
Prescriptions and other medications
Maps, directions
GPS (if available)
Camera and film (Please take a photo of passengers)
Books and magazines for kids and adults
Toys, playing cards, small games
Flashlight and batteries
Umbrella and rain jackets
Plastic bags for wet items
Disposable wipes (or put damp paper towels in zippered plastic bags)
First-aid kit (see separate packing list)
Welcome pack from Pilots for Christ International ( If available to tell others about Jesus)
Paper napkins/towels
Small cooler with beverages (water is best) and snack items
Indemnity waiver release and request forms
Towels (in case of hot seats or spills)
Consider Annie, whose brother drove from South Carolina to Pennsylvania, just to help get Annie from the airport to the treatment center. 6 miles from the airport, where she landed.  He did not want her to go in a cab. Please help by joining today!
Consider James, homeless and living in an unheated shed, at -15 below zero, suffered severe frostbite of his feet.  PCI Auto Pilots helped him get to a shelter.
There are countless stories of God's people showing their love!
Please join Pilots for Christ International Today