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-Handling RSVP's for Events
-Working with Chapters and at Large members, to set up events at;
(ie, airshows, aviation seminars,)
-Coordinating volunteer Time Schedules
-Using online (shiftboard.com, scheduling for International and Chapter members.

-Researching ideas
-Coordinating National Fundraisers
-Scheduling volunteers
-Messaging to all members about fundraisers

-Take phone calls from the International telephone number
-Record specific information from each caller
-Witness to each caller about Our Lord Jesus
-Pray with callers who request it.
-Post requests on shiftboard.com
with notification to a chapter if necessary.
-Have good to excellent telephone skills
-Be empathetic to callers

The information you submit below will be compiled and provided to Pilots for Christ International and its member Chapters to use as assistance to any obstacles that may be in the path of "pressing on" in Jesus name.
Your consideration for providing this information is both necessary and very appreciated!