Members who have gone on ahead
Eternal Membership

If you know of someone who belonged to Pilots for Christ International and has since gone on to be with Our Lord Jesus, please let us know, so we may add their name below:
Paul Palmer-TX
Bonnie LeRoy-VA-Jun 27, 2013 (Wife of Mark LeRoy, International Treasurer)
Daleray Madewell-WY-Feb 2012 (In service to Jesus Christ, February 9, 2012)
Sue Jane Waltman-Doyle-WY--Jan 2012
Jarrett McFarlin-AR-Jan 2012
Addie Mathison-JT Rice ND-Sept 2011
Leslie Kastens-VA-Jul 2011
Donna Harriss-AR-Jun 2011
Hazel Diane (Hand) Geib-MO-Oct 2010
LaVon Kemper-WY-Feb 2010 (Joined 80 yrs young)
H. James (Jim) McConnell-VA (Past PCI President)-Jan. 2009
Madeline Caldwell-MI-Mar 2008 (Mother of Lori Layne International Secretary)
William (Bill) Starrs-PA-(Founding President)
Our Sister Bonnie LeRoy Jun 27, 2013
Our Brother and Pilot, Daleray Madewell-WY In service to others and Our Lord Jesus, November 6, 1964- February 9, 2012
Our sister-Sue Jane Waltman Doyle went home to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Monday, January 30, 2012-WY
Our Brother Pilot Jarrett McFarlin-AR 1944-2012